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AI Powered

To Reunite With Your Social Circle

GoodTime is an AI-powered social platform for both iOS and Android users that works as a perfect assistant for consumers and businesses to plan and organize real world get-togethers based on match-making of interests and preferences of people within your network, whom you know, live around, and interact with, and not with a mesh of dispersed random connections. GoodTime is created with a vision to value interpersonal interactions and enable people to create social events effectively.

GoodTime Key Features

  • AI-powered Recommendations
  • Invitations
  • Communication
  • A Single Platform
  • Data Protection
Get recommendations based on match-making of interests and preferences that work for everyone in the group.
Create an unplanned or an intended get together in seconds with audio and video invitation messages and also track their whereabouts.
Engage in direct and private conversations with people or create buzz to communicate with your people using multimedia.
Accomplish multiple tasks related to an event using one platform equipped with host of sophisticated features.
Have a reliable platform and stay assured of the protection of your data and preferences.

Press Release

March 11, 2019

Let’s Get Social Again

An AI-Driven platform to help you socialize in real world with people you care about. Download the application and gather for good times.

CYBntity is launching its new social platform “GoodTime” for iOS and Android devices on March 11, 2019 at SXSW Startup Spotlight. Goodtime platform is created with the sole purpose to make our personal interactions little more meaningful and fun, while taking care of the mind-numbing planning details. This latest product with its sophisticated suite of features demonstrates company’s forward-thinking approach, unlimited passion and technology experience in crafting intelligent solutions to solve small problems which have huge impact on lives.

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